Worm.Fontra.F Removal Guide

Do you know what Worm.Fontra.F is?

Worm.Fontra.F is a computer worm infection that is known to spread through folders connected to online file-sharing programs such as Morpheus, Limeware or BearShare. Usually Worm.Fontra.F will sneak onto computers through the folders set as sharing folders in these file-sharing applications.

In non-techie terms:
Worm.Fontra.F sneaks onto your system through an online file-sharing program as a zip archive file replacing other media files that area already present in the same location. Worm.Fontra.F could potentially erase personal files or those already downloaded through an online file-sharing program. Worm.Fontra.F may be identified by other security vendors as Worm.Fontra.F, Virus.Win32.Fontra, W32/Vbbot or Worm/Delf.ATB.

Aliases: Worm.Fontra.F, Virus.Win32.Fontra, W32/Vbbot, Worm/Delf.ATB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405401018 Rosa

    I untlsialned Bearshare and have run several spyware blocking programs. However, when I visit google the bearshare Icon precedes the google URL in IE8. Any ideas how to kill the bear?