Wolfram Antivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what Wolfram Antivirus is?

It would seem as though the developers behind well-known rogue BlueFlare Antivirus have been hard at work on their latest rogue threat – Wolfram Antivirus. This rogue antispyware application deceitfully enters its victims’ PCs without their consent, and surreptitiously roots itself in the system before starting its attack. The sole purpose behind Wolfram Antivirus is to fleece honest consumers out of their hard earned money. Even while it may appear to be a legitimate security application, the truth is Wolfram Antivirus has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from a computer.

Users may be shocked to learn that Wolfram Antivirus enters the system through various nefarious means, the most common being through seemingly genuine online malware scanners. It has also been reported that Wolfram Antivirus can enter the system through using browser hijacking websites. These browser hijackers forcefully redirect users to their compromised landing pages, where drive-by download tactics are employed to root the Wolfram Antivirus infection into the system.

Once Wolfram Antivirus manages to root itself into the system it will start its attack against the system. It will only relent once the user decides to either pay for its worthless software, or decides to get rid of Wolfram Antivirus for good. The first clue the user will have as to the presence of Wolfram Antivirus on the system will come from a falsely generated security scan as well as spam security alerts all informing the user that his PC is under attack. This is only done in an effort to panic the user into thinking his PC is under attack.

Symptoms associated with the Wolfram Antivirus infection range from poor system performance, blocked Internet connections and erratic system behavior. Other symptoms include the user being unable to launch executable files and hidden system folder contents. In order to bypass these annoying symptoms and facilitate the removal of Wolfram Antivirus, enter the following serial number:


In order to limit the damage posed by this rogue, it is advised that to delete Wolfram Antivirus at the earliest possibility. This can easily be achieved by using a powerful security tool.

In non techie terms:

Wolfram Antivirus is a bogus security application with no ability to protect your PC against any type of threat. Destroy Wolfram Antivirus before it destroys your PC.

Aliases: WolframAntivirus.