WinSpyKiller Removal Guide

Do you know what WinSpyKiller is?

WinSpyKiller is fraudulent anti-spyware program that bombards users with fake security alerts and false scan results. WinSpyKiller may be downloaded and installed from a Trojan infection which usually comes from a video codec download or a visit to a P2P website. WinSpyKiller may also download and install other malicious software. WinSpyKiller is known to be a clone of SpyShield, another rogue anti-spyware program with similar characteristics.

In non-techie terms: WinSpyKiller is a bad program and must be avoided at all costs. WinSpyKiller and the website were created by hackers to use illicit tactics to extort money from you. WinSpyKiller will attempt to make users believe that they must purchase the WinSpyKiller program to remove parasites from their computer. This is a scam, do not fall for it. Do not under any circumstances purchase or download WinSpyKiller or visit the website

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