WinReanimator Removal Guide

Do you know what WinReanimator is?

WinReanimator, also known as Win Reanimator, is a dirty rogue anti-spyware program usually distributed by porn and other sites infected with the Vundo Trojan. WinReanimator is a clone of the recent UltimateFixer rogue anti-spyware. WinReanimator generates popups and alert messages stating that Windows AntiVirus has detected a spyware infection and you must download anti-spyware protection. This is a scam and desperate attempt by hackers to take your money.

Do you ever get a system alert message like this?

Windows has detected spyware infection!

It is recommended to use special antispyware tools to prevent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you

Click here to protect your computer from spyware!

WinReanimator and the website are similar to other malicious programs and sites designed to use scare tactics through popups and alert messages. WinReanimator and are not legitimate tools to clean your system. WinReanimator cannot be trusted.

In non-techie terms: WinReanimator and were created by hackers to extort money from you. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase WinReanimator or any programs related to WinReanimator and the website. It is always a good suggestion to avoid clicking on any popups or alert messages that resemble the message above.

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  • anonymous

    OMG lol i freaked out when i saw the spyware alerts and clicked on it... then i'm like: WTBC! messed up PC pretty well. WinReanimator's website looked so for real. but w.e. i'm still visiting my sites, can't be going around thinkin sth might happen.... that's ehm, as long as i have a free stuff to fix it. 2 thumbs up :-P

  • Junked

    I have unistalled the Winreanimator but the darn executable that tells me my system is still infected keeps popping up in the system tray. How do I remove that icon with a red circle and an X in it?



  • Mya

    If you have only uninstalled the program, there are a few more steps for you to go through. If you have gone through all the steps, you might have missed a file. If you are a non-techie, I suggest you follow the Automatic Removal Instructions. Bottom line Junked is that if the pop-ups keep coming up, it's because your PC is still infected by WinReanimator.

  • Eugene Van

    I have followed the steps above but the pop ups and the white cross in the red circle icon is still on my toolbar.
    Please advise on how to remove this?

  • Noir

    if you still notice problem with your internet explorer look for any O2-BHO browser helper object's that might be hijacking your browser

  • Mostafa

    Thank u for ur help
    i got rid of this winreanimator

  • argghhh

    where do i look for the browser helper object to remove?

  • Dennis Lu 小築

    This is a riskware of rogue anti-virus software.
    When connection to the any websites include malicious java script after automatically reboot computer.
    Originally anti-virus will be disable , the bottom right corner of the Permanent red circle white cross.
    Tested and analyzer has been many times, but also a way to get resolved.
    If there is any problem.
    Please send letter from the Advisory.
    My mail address is ""