WinProtector 3.8 Removal Guide

Do you know what WinProtector 3.8 is?

WinProtector 3.8 is a malicious application that was found to be a rogue anti-spyware program. WinProtector 3.8 is usually installed through a browser security hole or from a Trojan which is downloaded through a fake ActiveX Video Codec without your permission. WinProtector 3.8 attempts to get computer users to purchase the full WinProtector 3.8 program through devious actions.

In non-techie terms: After installed, WinProtector 3.8 may bombard you with popups and alert messages that make you believe you have serious infections or parasites on your system. You must remember that these alerts are all fake but you still must remove WinProtector 3.8 because that is the real infection.

Aliases: WinProtector 3.8, Win Protector 3.8.