WinPerformance Removal Guide

Do you know what WinPerformance is?

WinPerformance is a recent rogue anti-spyware program that uses menacing tactics to get users to purchase a licensed version of WinPerformance. WinPerformance is one of the latest rogue programs to hit the internet which is spread from the well known Zlob Trojan infection. The infection that installs WinPerformance is usually downloaded through video codecs or P2P sites. WinPerformance uses deceiving popups and system alert messages to incite users to use the WinPerformance program to clean their system.

WinPerformance is nothing more than another scam and must not be trusted. The only performance you will get out of WinPerformance is making your hard earned money disapper through the purchase of a bogus program.

In non-techie terms: WinPerformance is not a legitimate spyware removal tool WinPerformance was created by hackers to extort money from you by use of their illicit tactics. Uses must not under any circumstances download or purchase the WinPerformance program or any software related to WinPerformance.

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  • Bill

    what the f** these pests make their way thru into my pc. is there a way to track where these shit come from? by the way. thank you. smitfraudfix worked well. best stuff is that it's free.