Windows XP Recovery Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows XP Recovery is?

It can be easy to fall for the vindictive lies of clever rogue optimization tools, but should you discover the presence of Windows XP Recovery on your PC there should be no doubt about its illegitimacy. The reason why you are likely to discover Windows XP Recovery on your system is because this rogue does not wait to be invited on, or installed, but will enter the system surreptitiously and hide its presence until such time that it is ready to start its attack.

Windows XP Recovery makes use of various established forms of infection, including bogus online malware scanners and rubbish browser hijacking websites. These browser hijackers will forcefully redirect the user to their compromised landing pages, where drive-by download tactics used will forcefully root the Windows XP Recovery infection into the system.

After Windows XP Recovery securely roots itself in the system it will configure itself to start along with each time Windows starts up. It will then proceed to start a fake scan of the system, after which it will report on various fake errors supposedly crippling the system. Although these fake error reports may seem legitimate initially, upon closer inspection it will become clear that they are indeed fake, exactly like Windows XP Recovery is. Spelling and grammatical errors are not the only indications that these alerts are fake, but the messages they proclaim are nonsensical and do not make sense in the least.

Some report on RAM failure, which would not be a possibility since the operation of any PC relies on it and will not be able to run without RAM, while others report Windows being unable to locate the hard drive. This confirms that Windows XP Recovery and its fake alerts should be disregarded as fake, and should never be believed or acted on.

Reported symptoms of the Windows XP Recovery rogue include folders not displaying its contents, users’ inability to launch any executable and increased erratic system behavior. In order to avoid these annoying symptoms while trying to delete Windows XP Recovery, paste the following activation code into the rogue:


It is clear to see from the above that Windows XP Recovery will not benefit your PC in the least, and that you simply have to destroy Windows XP Recovery immediately to limit the damage it will do to your expensive investment. Make use of a powerful security application to permanently erase Windows XP Recovery from the system, and to protect against similar future threats.

In non techie terms:

Windows XP Recovery is a fake system optimization and defragment tool. It will not deliver on any of its promises, and will only cause your system damage. Get rid of Windows XP Recovery immediately to avoid any further damage being caused to your system.

Aliases: WindowsXPRecovery.