Windows Wise Protection Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Wise Protection is?

Let Windows Wise Protection into your computer and this rogue optimization software will push your computer down the hill towards complete annihilation. It is a fake security program which is a part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials deception scheme, which includes such clones as Windows Software Guard, Windows Safety Protection and Windows Software Protection. Windows Wise Protection was created to extort computer users, making use of their naivety. But make no mistake, despite its attractive name; the rogue should never be trusted, and it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Windows Wise Protection arrives at your system through Trojan infection and many users fall for this scam, because it carries the name “Microsoft” – a default guarantee of a reliable product. The rogue might also be delivered via browser hijackers or fake online scans, which are adept at deceiving computer users all the time. It might be hard to tell when exactly the malware enters your system, but you will sure notice when the symptoms of this nasty infection show up.

The parasite will try its best to convince you that your system has serious security errors and it will offer you a “trustworthy” security tool to ensure your computer’s stability. Needless to say, that trusting Windows Wise Protection can leave you penniless and your computer ruined. Were you to provide the application with your credit card data, it can leech far more from you than just the amount indicated in the “Buy Now” notification.

The common feature of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection is the limited access to your desktop. You will not be able to see any of your icons or your taskbar after Windows Wise Protection installation. However, do not lose hope. It is actually possible to get your desktop back.

You can do it by following these instructions:

  1. After the installation you will reboot your system and the only thing that loads will be the Windows Wise Protection application. Click the “OK” button and the notification will disappear. Then the rogue will initiate a fake system scan.
  2. Refrain from clicking anything before the scan is done. When it is finished, another security notification will pop up. Click “OK” once more.
  3. Now you can get rid of the application – click the red “X” at the right top of it.
  4. The notification will disappear and you will be able to utilize your desktop again.

Having performed this, you can now use your desktop again along with any program you wish, but this is not the end. Windows Wise Protection is still dwelling in your computer, ready to launch its attack again, eager to rip you off. Your only choice is to delete the rogue from your computer before it caused any more damage. Take good care of your system and terminate Windows Wise Protection immediately.

In non techie terms:

Windows Wise Protection is a rogue anti-spyware which poses as a security program. It is fake and cannot be trusted. Rather than living up to its promises, this rogue will try to rip you off, damaging your computer in process. Remove Windows Wise Protection at once.

Aliases: WindowsWiseProtection, WindowsWise Protection, Windows WiseProtection.