Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 is?

Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 is a fake alert that can scare you into doing something you shouldn’t. Although this warning looks very real, it has been designed to trick unsuspecting users into spending their money for a service that doesn’t exist. Therefore, the best plan right now is to ignore this fake alert, close it, and then scan your computer with a security tool because there is a good chance you have some unwanted applications on-board. It is not possible to remove Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 because it is not there on your system, but you can always employ new safety measures to avoid similar disturbances in the future.

Basically, Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 looks like the blue screen of death (BSOD) warning. Windows users definitely know that if their computer screen turns bright blue, it’s practically a dead end. However, please note that this blue screen of death appears on your BROWSER. Your system still works just fine. Hence, there is no way it is real. Also, along with the blue screen, it shows yet another pop-up. The pop-up says the following:

Windows Warning Alert
Malicious Pornographic Spyware/Riskware Detected
Error #0x80092ee9

Please call us immediately. Call Windows at: +1-855-595-7999 (Toll Free)
Do not ignore this critical alert.
If you close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.
Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a Pornographic Spyware and riskware. The following information is being stolen…

So, from this, we can see that Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 tries to convince you that for some reason, your operating system has informed Microsoft about a malware infection (it never happens, really). Think about it, if that were possible, it would mean that Microsoft monitors EVERY SINGLE computer that runs on the Windows operating system. How’s that for a violation of privacy? Anyways, the point is that there is no way that this message can be real.

Not to mention that below the pop-up, in the blue background, we have yet another message that says your Windows System activation key has expired. So it is rather odd, what they want to accomplish here. Has your operating system expired or has it been infected with malware? Which is the truth? The answer is (obviously) neither. These fake messages are there to make you call the number, where these crooks would eventually rip you off.

How would it be possible to avoid Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999? Well, our research team says that this fake alert usually comes from malicious websites, through pop-ups and redirects. It means that you have to refrain from using suspicious websites that are full of flash advertisements and other questionable content. If you are not sure whether the site is safe or not, it’s always better to stay away from it. While Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 looks like a good scare, we have to remember that such sites could also distribute malware and other dangerous programs.

Hence, your job right now is to scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. You need to see if you have potentially unwanted and dangerous programs installed. If those programs are found, you can probably remove most of them via Control Panel, but if you do not want to deal with it manually, simply invest in a security tool that will do that for you.

Alright, now that these unwanted programs are taken care of, what’s next? Next, you have to review your web browsing habits. Most of the malicious infections and other dangerous threats could be avoided if users were careful about the websites they access and the files they download.Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 Removal GuideWindows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 screenshot
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As for Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999, you can close the browser’s window by using the Alt+F4 command (check out the instructions below). Once again, we would like to remind you that this fake alert is NOT REAL. Also, if any of your friends or family members have encountered this message, you have to let them know that these are just cyber crooks trying to make some easy money. One should never fall for this scam because it can only result in a permanent money loss.

How to Remove Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999

  1. Press Alt+F4 to close your browser window.
  2. Scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 might seem like a big deal, but it’s only a fake message that pops into your screen when you access some shady website. Although the message might look like it doesn’t want to be closed, you can always kill your browser’s window using specific commands or Task Manager. Seeing this fake alert doesn’t mean that you have been infected, but it would be for the best if you scanned your PC with a security tool.