Windows Vista Security Is Top Notch Over XP

Is Vista is the most secure Windows operating system?

Windows Vista has been out for about a year now and has been on top for security vulnerabilities vs. Windows XP. Microsoft has created Vista in an effort to get fewer attacks from malware and parasites.

Is Vista more secure because is not as widely used as Windows XP or is it because Vista is just better in the security aspect? When it comes down to the facts, Vista has more security features built into it such as IE Protected Mode and User Account Control that lessens the chance for malware attacks.

Personal Computer users pretty much demanded a more secure operating system and that is exactly what you get with Windows Vista. Many computer gurus have put Vista to the security test and it is found that Vista had about half as many vulnerabilities during its first year of release than Windows XP did in its first year.

What about the number of security updates available for Windows XP, didn't that make XP a safer choice?

You may be thinking with the number of new XP service packs and security patches that XP is just as safe as Vista. This is only somewhat true but the fact remains that Windows XP has been out much longer than Vista technically leaving hackers with more time to exploit XP. In this extra time the software engineers stayed busy trying to keep up with each discovered vulnerability in Windows XP. Looking at the initial facts of Vista, it is more secure from the start than XP was from its beginnings. This means you have a stronger foundation to work off of in the case of Vista. If a building starts off on top of cement instead of soft sand it has a better chance of surviving no matter what reinforcements you perform to the upper portion.

In conclusion, the bottom line when comparing Vista to XP's security vulnerabilities, Vista is king of security. Vista is the safer choice when compared to XP in the security field.

Windows Vista security features and settings video:

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