Windows Vista Restore Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Vista Restore is?

Sophisticated rogue antispyware applications with the ability to adapt its names and change its properties to suit its environment have been widely reported on, and Windows Vista Restore is the latest addition to this advanced family of rogues. Depending on the operating system used by the user, Windows Vista Restore will alter its name accordingly. This level of sophistication makes it more difficult for the user to detect and remove Windows Vista Restore without some help.

Windows Vista Restore will of course use any means at its disposal to facilitate its seditious infiltration of the system. That includes exploiting any and all system vulnerabilities and susceptibilities, and will use browser hijackers and bogus online malware scanners to achieve this. Of late it has also been reported that Windows Vista Restore makes use of infected online flash ads.

After rooting itself in the system Windows Vista Restore will edit the OS so as to allow itself to launch each time the user logs on to Windows. It will then initiate an unwarranted and fake system scan, which will invariably report on fake system threats being present on the PC. These should be ignored and no attention should be paid to anything Windows Vista Restore reports on. This is because Windows Vista Restore is only out to panic the user into paying for its worthless software.

As a further attack, the rogue will spam the user with various incessant pop up messages, acting as fake security messages. These messages will also contain calls to action, which if acted upon will make it that much easier for Windows Vista Restore to rip the PC owner off. Other symptoms include blocked Internet connections and poor system performance.

In order to take back control of your PC and limit the damage this rogue will be certain to cause, erase Windows Vista Restore immediately. This can best be achieved by making use of a powerful security tool which will not only delete Windows Vista Restore but also protect against future similar attacks.

In non techie terms:

Windows Vista Restore is a fake security tool only out to steal your money and not offer any PC protection. Do not fall for its lies and get rid of Windows Vista Restore while there is still time.

Aliases:Windows XP Restore, Windows 7 Restore.