Windows Vista Repair Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Vista Repair is?

Windows Vista Repair is very good a plagiarizing the official name for illegal purposes. It is a fake system optimization tool which boasts of an advanced design and configurations. Due to its appearance Windows Vista Repair can be easily mistaken for an official Microsoft product. It is especially alarming, because this rogue poses a dangerous threat to computer systems worldwide, and if it has the opportunity to get into the targeted computer, the user might be up for a long and tiresome fight with Windows Vista Repair.

This rogue is a clone of Windows Vista Restore, and it can change its name according to which operating system the computer is running on. Therefore, Windows 7 Repair and Windows XP Repair are variations of the same rogue, only they are intended for computers which run on Windows 7 and Windows XP. Obviously the rogue generates its names as Windows 7 Repair when it attacks a computer which runs on Windows Vista.

When Windows Vista Repair is installed in your computer, it performs overall system analysis, looking for HDD errors, scanning for junk files, checking system files integrity and so on. The thing about this scan is that it is absolutely fake. It might seem terrifying when you receive the results telling that you have numerous errors in your hard drive and you simply must activate the advanced module in order to fix the problems “detected by Windows Vista Repair. However, do no be so hasty to believe in everything that this rogue says. Take a closer look at the fake security notifications it sends to you.

Some of the messages claim that there are ultimate errors in your hard drive, but the question is – how would you be able to operate your computer if there were critical errors in your hard drive? You would not be able to boot your computer at all. This is the logical fallacy found in most of the rogue messages, so you simply must close the program, and don’t even think about paying for the full version of Windows Vista Repair. Remove the rogue instead, so it wouldn’t be able to cause any more damage to your system. If you do not know how to do it manually, remove Windows Vista Repair automatically using a reliable malware removal tool.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Vista Repair is a fake system optimization tool which slithers into your computer with intention to steal your money. It damages your computer and does not allow you to operate various programs, so you need to terminate Windows Vista Repair as soon as you can, if you wish to continue utilizing your computer as before.

Aliases: Windows 7 Repair, Windows Xp Repair.