Windows Turnkey Console Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Turnkey Console is?

If you are reading this report, a computer scanner with this particular name must be already showing up on your computer screen, and you are right to be worried, because Windows Turnkey Console is a hazardous application, only pretending to be a tremendously helpful malware detection and removal tool. Despite various, fake security proclamations, which might reach you as computer scanner reports or Task Bar security notifications, you should not believe that the rogue antispyware could serve your system appropriately. Especially, since this fictitious security program is an identical copy of the recently emerged Windows Malware Firewall and Windows Antivirus Rampart, which belong to the infamous Rogue.VirusDoctor family of fake antispywares.

Since the newly released rogue has been designed by highly knowledgeable and experienced cyber criminals, it is no surprise that this latent application is followed by a great number of various dysfunctions, which will make it impossible for you to detect and delete Windows Turnkey Console from your Windows system. You will not be able to remove the obnoxious rogue with automatic removal tools, because of the restricted Internet connection, and disabled running of most executable files. And manual infection’s removal will be prevented with the help of restricted controls over Registry Editor and Task Manager tools. Even though the purpose of these paralyzing dysfunctions is clear, you are meant to believe that they represent the deeds of all the computer infections, declared by the bogus computer scanner reports. Do NOT believe them, just like all of the bogus security alerts, which will try to lure you into purchasing Windows Turnkey Console full version, allegedly capable to remove the non-existent malware:

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.
Windows Turnkey Console Removal GuideWindows Turnkey Console screenshot
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Warning! Spambot detected!
Attention! A spambot is sending viruses from your e-mail has been detected on your PC.
Yes, protect my PC and remove spambot now (Recommended)

Please click “Remove all” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC

Luckily, you can remove Windows Turnkey Console notifications and all of the dysfunctions with a special registration key, which will help accelerate the malignant application’s removal:


In non-techie terms:

The rogue antispyware is one of those treacherous computer applications, which can invade Windows systems, if no security software is active, and which can easily cause you financial loss or even identity theft! So, we advise that you delete Windows Turnkey Console from your computer right away, and you can do it effortlessly with specialized, automatic removal programs, which will guard your Windows against malware attacks for a long time to come.Aliases: