Windows Troubles Killer Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Troubles Killer is?

Windows Troubles Killer is a fake security program from the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, which has been plaguing the computer users worldwide for some time now. This new rogue antispyware is a direct clone of Windows Efficiency Analyzer, Windows Risks Preventions, Windows Necessary Firewall and many other similar-looking computer threats. It looks exactly the same as its forerunners and also can do the very same things to the user and his computer.

This rogue is dangerous because it performs two tasks at the same time – it damages the computer system and consequently targets the bank account of the user, asking him to pay for clearing the mess that Windows Troubles Killer has caused itself. Ultimately, this application does not kill the troubles, it IS a trouble which you need to kill otherwise it will render your compute inoperable, and will rip you off, if you are not going to be careful about it.

Windows Troubles Killer slithers in your system pretending to be a reliable security program, which has detected Unknown Win32/Trojan infecting your computer and it needs to perform further investigation in order to figure out what is wrong exactly. However, if the user trusts this application and allows it fully infiltrate the system, Windows Troubles Killer performs certain changes that make it load every single time the user boots his computer. Once the program loads it performs a fake system scan, after which the user is confronted with a whole list of errors which supposedly are plaguing his computer. Windows Troubles Killer then urges the user to fix the errors by upgrading the program to the full version.

However, no matter how dire the situation might seem, you mustn’t purchase the full version of Windows Troubles Killer, because then you will open the door to your bank account for the cyber criminals. They will sweep your account clean if you reveal your credit card information to them. This is the main objective of this rogue, so you need to ignore all the fake security notifications and close the application immediately. Remove Windows Troubles Killer from your system before it got any worse. It is advisable to use an automatic malware removal tool if you are not sure of your computing skills. Manual removal requires more experiences and if you are not careful enough, you might delete files which are fundamental for the optimal functioning of the system.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Troubles Killer is a rogue antispyware application and it enters your computer with the pretense of being a legitimate antivirus program. In fact it is your money that this threat is after, so you need to close this application at once and invest in a reliable malware detector which will help you to remove Windows Troubles Killer quickly and efficiently.

Aliases: WindowsTroublesKiller.