Windows System Integrity Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows System Integrity is?

Windows System Integrity hails from the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials family, and it is a rogue antispyware application which looks and behaves like a real computer security program. However, you should not judge the book by its cover, because Windows System Integrity is very far from being a genuine antivirus or system optimization application. If the names Windows Necessary Firewall, Windows Proofness Guarantor or Windows Debugging Center do not ring the bell, then you should know that Windows System Integrity is a direct clone of these dangerous rogues which means that it can bring nothing but harm.

This rogue slithers in your computer with a Trojan infection. You can catch it in some file upload site, because these kinds of sites usually host a lot of advertisements, disregarding their content. So if you accidentally click on any of them, you might initiate a Trojan download without you even knowing it. Trojans seldom ask for permission to root in your system, so you might be having an infection in your computer already. That is why it is highly advised to perform regular scans of your system, in order to make sure that your computer is absolutely clean of any possible threats.

Trojan infection will show you a fake notification message about supposed viruses in your computer. Then it will urge you to click further and download Windows System Integrity. Once downloaded and installed the rogue will perform a fake system scan once again “confirming” that you are seriously infected with many threats, and there are multiple errors you need to fix immediately.

However, you mustn’t fix these errors with Windows System Integrity, because they simply do not exist. The only thing the rogue wants from you is your money and this threat will not stop damaging your computer until you pay for it. But even then, it will come back and plague you again, disregarding to the fact that it has already ripped you off. Therefore, you need to remove Windows System Integrity from your computer right now. Invest in a reliable antispyware tool and terminate the rogue automatically if you are not an experienced IT specialist.

In non-techie terms:

Windows System Integrity is a fake antivirus program which pretends to be the best solution to your security problems. Unfortunately, it is a dangerous computer threat, which slows down your system and targets your money, so you need to erase Windows System Integrity from your computer as soon as you can, and safeguard it against other cyber attacks.

Aliases: WindowsSystemIntegrity.