Windows Security & Control Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Security & Control is?

With all the sophistication which goes into the design and development of rogue defragmenters and optimizers it can be difficult to distinguish between the genuine and the fake applications flooding the market. Windows Security & Control is the perfect example of a seemingly legitimate optimizer only out to rip consumers off. Windows Security & Control emanates from the same despicable family as Windows System Optimizator, and is equally as volatile and harmful to any PC.

Windows Security & Control enters the system with the help of treacherous Trojan horse infections. These Trojans are spread via illicit browser hijacking domains and fake online malware scanners. Once the Windows Security & Control infection roots itself in the system it will be rather difficult for the user to successfully get rid of Windows Security & Control.

Windows Security & Control will go to every possible length to convince its victim that it is a genuine application. Users are urged to use their discretion here and not to fall victim to Windows Security & Control’s sneaky lies and clever marketing campaigns. When Windows Security & Control is successfully installed on the PC the user will be presented with the following pop up message generated by Windows Security & Control:

Windows Security & Control has been successfully installed on your computer.
To complete the installation please reboot your computer.
Yes, reboot now

Should the user act on this call to action, the PC will reboot and the user will lose access to his Desktop. Once the PC is finished booting up, instead of being presented with his Desktop, the PC owner will be presented with the Windows Security & Control interface, and will now also not be able to launch any program on the PC.

This can all become extremely frustrating and stressful for the PC owner, but there remains a glimmer of hope. Follow the following instructions to successfully regain access to the Desktop, and to be able to launch executables on the system again:

  1. After the system reboots, you will see the Windows Security & Control start up screen. Now click on the OK button to start the Windows Security & Control system scan
  2. While this system scan is in progress, navigate the mouse down to the bottom left corner of the screen, where you will find a link to a legitimate Windows website:
  3. Now click on the Microsoft link which will launch the browser. Once the browser loads, click on the red X at the top right to close it
  4. Following this, you should now be able to successfully close the Windows Security & Control start up screen, and access to your Desktop should be restored.

While Windows Security & Control is still active on the PC, users might still be subjected to various fake security notifications when attempting to launch executables on the system. Do not pay any heed to these fake alerts, and continue trying to launch the desired program as you will eventually be successful.

In order to limit the damage posed to your system by this incredulous rogue, obliterate Windows Security & Control from your PC as soon as possible. Do not waste another moment before investing in your PC’s current and future protection and privacy.

In non techie terms:

Windows Security & Control is a fake system optimizer. Windows Security & Control was designed with the explicit intention of ripping consumers off while offering them nothing more than an empty shell in return for their hard earned money. Delete Windows Security & Control from your PC in order to restore its inherent security and privacy measures.

Aliases: WindowsSecurity&Control, WindowsSecurityControl, Windows Security Control.