Windows Salvor Tool Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Salvor Tool is?

Windows Salvor Tool certainly does not have anything to do with safeguarding your Windows against dangerous threats. This program is a rogue antispyware application which is a malicious threat in itself, so if you fall for this trap, you are sure to experience a nightmare you will wish to wake up from as soon as possible. This rogue can damage your system as much as its predecessors which include Windows System Integrity, Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer, Windows Proofness Guarantor and many more.

You have to realize that Windows Salvor Tool only pretends to be a good program. In reality, it only wants your money, and it tries to reach its goal by slowing down your computer and blaming it on non-existing parasites. Windows Salvor Tool weaves its web of lies from the very beginning, right when it enters your computer. It makes an excuse saying that you have been infected by a dangerous Trojan and you need to download and install Windows Salvor Tool to terminate the infection. Needless to say, that the infection in question is generated by none the other but Windows Salvor Tool itself. However, unsuspecting users still fall victims to this scam.

When Windows Salvor Tool pops up into your screen and starts a fake system scan, then you are really infected. It “checks” your computer’s safety, network security, private data protection and other system components. But after the “scan” the overall system safety is rated only by 34%. Not to mention that Windows Salvor Tool “finds” a lot of viruses and other errors in your system which you are urged to fix at once. Naturally, you might think that your computer is seriously at risk, because by now it should be working slowly and there should be a lot of fake security messages popping into your computer every other minute.

EVERYTHING is generated by Windows Salvor Tool and you should not pay attention to it. You need to remove Windows Salvor Tool at once, because if you allow it to stay in your system it will continue to terrorize you with fraudulent security notifications, saying that you need to purchase the full version of the program or else. Don’t get intimated by these groundless claims and terminate the rogue with a reliable antimalware tool.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Salvor Tool is a fake antivirus program, which looks and behaves like a legitimate application, but it only wants your money. In order to achieve its goal the rogue also slows down your computer and does not allow you to run certain programs, so you must get your computer back to normal and the first thing you need to do is erase Windows Salvor Tool for good.

Aliases: WindowsSalvorTool.