Windows Risks Preventions Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Risks Preventions is?

Windows Risks Preventions is a new member of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials fraud which consists of many rogue antispyware applications. Previous clones of the very same program include Windows Profile System, Windows Safeguard Utility, Windows Precautions Center and many more. These rogues emerge one after another basically without any modifications to its payload or interface. More or less the only difference between them is their names.

This rogue has a few ways of distribution and it can be delivered to the computer via fake online malware scanner, random links in blog comments, spam email and Trojan infections to name just a few of them. In case of spam comments in your blog, some blog hosts filter spam from genuine comments, but some still manage to get through the watchdog and post it at your blog. These spam comments usually contain a text which has either nothing to do with the content of your entry or is too generic to determine whether it was really intended as a comment. Among this text there usually is a link to another site, urging or asking you to click on it and check it out. Most often that link leads to a website which hosts the download file for Windows Risks Preventions and you get infected just by opening the site. The download will be programmed to start automatically and then you will need to battle this rogue and fork it out of out your computer.

When Windows Risks Preventions entrenches in your computer it sends you a lot of pop-up security messages, informing you about parasites residing in your computer. If that weren’t enough Windows Risks Preventions scans your computer looking for other possible threats. Needless to say, that neither the scan nor the security messages are real, and you should simply ignore them and concentrate on getting rid of Windows Risks Prevention.

It will do you good if you don’t purchase the full version of this rogue, because that way you will avoid being ripped off to the very last cent. Also, your personal information will not be exposed and will not be used to perform illegal operations. Close Windows Risks Prevention immediately and figure out how you can delete it. If you don’t know how to do it manually, download a good malware removal tool which will destroy Windows Risks Prevention efficiently and without any glitches. Just keep in mind that this program is not a real antivirus and it should not reside in your computer.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Risks Prevention is a fake computer security program or rogue antispyware, which is created to rip easy financial gain from unsuspecting computer users. At the same time the rogue damages the computer’s system and renders computer absolutely inoperable in a long run, so you must remove Windows Risks Prevention at all costs.

Aliases: WindowsRisksPrevention.