Windows Rescue Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Rescue Center is?

Windows Rescue Center sure sounds like it is up for the rescue, but in fact this program can bring nothing but disaster onto your doorstep. It is a rogue antispyware which masquerades as a reliable security application, only to tap into your financial funds without you even realizing it. That is how good this rogue is at luring unsuspecting users into its trap. The reason for it could be the background of Windows Rescue Center. This rogue comes from a big family or malicious applications, under the same Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam. If you have seen Windows Risks Preventions, Windows Crashes Deliverer or Windows Necessary Firewall before, you should recognize the interface of Windows Rescue Center, because it looks exactly the same.

This rogue has a wide delivery system in a sense that it has a whole palette of means of distribution. It can be distributed via fake online malware scanners, spam email, spam comments in your blog, browser hijackers, Trojan infections and so on. Sometimes you might get infected even when you are searching for something completely innocent on the internet. The creators of Windows Rescue Center analyze the most popular search trends and include them in the website which hosts the infection. One click on the link to the site might be enough to trigger the Trojan download, which consequently connects to a remove server over the network and downloads Windows Rescue Center to your computer.

Once this rogue roots in your system, it starts sending you various fake security error messages, indicating that you have been infected with a whole lists of serious threats. The fake system scan performed by Windows Rescue Center also shows that the level of system security is very low and one must simply fix the errors with the help of this program, because there is no other way out of the problem. Keeping in mind, that Windows Rescue Center also creates various hindrances in the system, it might really seem that your computer is under attack.

However, the only enemy you need to fight right now is Windows Rescue Center itself. Don’t even think of paying for the full version of the system because it will lead to an even bigger theft, when the hackers steal the money from your bank account, because you have revealed your personal and banking information on the purchase page. Remove Windows Rescue Center now, either manually or using an automatic malware detector program, and make sure it does not appear in your system again.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Rescue Center is a rogue antispyware program, which poses as a legitimate security application in hopes of stealing your money. At the same time it decreases your computer’s performance, so you need to terminate Windows Rescue Center before your computer is damaged beyond repair.

Aliases: WindowsRescueCenter.