Windows Pro Web Helper Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Pro Web Helper is?

There is quite a range of antispyware tools, which could remove your system attacking malware, and which could protect your OS in the future, but Windows Pro Web Helper is definitely not one of them. This application is only a rogue antispyware, claiming to offer you best removal tool and top system’s protection, when, truthfully, it can perform neither of the two essential tasks. Windows Pro Web Helper is equipped with one task only, which is to fool PC users into spending their money on a completely useless and ineffective licensed version ($99.90 lifetime support), allegedly qualified to delete infections, which do not even exist in your system! Indubitably, the only infection that needs to be removed is Windows Pro Web Helper, so do not waste any time and read further to find out all essential information on this fake security tool.

Exactly like its ascendant Windows High-End Protection, entered through one of the many security backdoors, Windows Pro Web Helper can cause various Windows dysfunctions, all designed to help schemers hide the rogue from being removed:

  • Restricted access to Registry Editor and Task Manager (Windows tools)
  • Blocked Internet connection
  • Disabled running of most Windows OS executables

These symptoms may be highly treacherous, but what is most clever about Windows Pro Web Helper is its well designed interface, filled with allusions to authentic Windows system that could make many infected PC owners believe Windows Pro Web Helper and its “sincere” aim to remove truly fictitious viruses and Trojans. Immediately, after the rogue starts running in your system, you will be greeted by an interface and its controls. On the left you will see Advanced Security Center (incl. Firewall and Automatic Updates) and other antispyware tools, at the top you will have options to choose Home, History and other help tools. And the main body will be filled with signs in red, rushing you to remove bogus infections with completely fake Windows Pro Web Helper’s full version.

These believable warnings will be enforced by such fake Windows Pro Web Helper notifications, imitating the ones of original Windows Security Center balloons:

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

Please click “Remove all” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC

Remove these odious Windows Pro Web Helper notifications and other system paralyzing symptoms, by applying this activation key, which will also help you speed up Windows Pro Web Helper’s removal:


In non-techie terms:

Windows Pro Web Helper is a malignant application, which pretends to guard your system against completely fictitious malware, and which offers you to purchase licensed tool that has no abilities to remove any real Windows-harming infections. Because this fake antispyware is so believable and latent, you should remove Windows Pro Web Helper immediately! We recommend using legitimate antispyware tools to delete malignant components, which you can acquire via the Internet. To restore connectivity, we offer you verified instructions bellow.

Aliases: WindowsProWebHelper.