Windows Lowlevel Solution Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Lowlevel Solution is?

Despite the best efforts of the online security industry to secure the exact opposite, many PC owners continue to fall for the seductive and malicious lies of rogue defragmenters such as Windows Lowlevel Solution. This Windows Lowlevel Solution derives from a long line and inglorious line of fake optimizers, the likes of which include Windows Security & Control, Windows Optimization & Security, Windows Optimization Center and Windows Software Protection. Notice how all the rogues refer to Windows in their application names, in an effort to piggyback on the trust and legitimacy Microsoft carry with its consumers. This makes these rogues only that much more slick.

Windows Lowlevel Solution enters the system the same way its predecessors does – through the use of seditious Trojans. These Trojans find their way onto unsuspecting and vulnerable PCs through a variety of ways, the most popular being with the help of treacherous browser hijackers and bogus online malware scanners.

The user will not even be aware of Windows Lowlevel Solution’s presence on the system until the rogue decides to reveal itself and start its attack on the PC. This will happen by the user being assailed by various fake security alerts falsely generated by Windows Lowlevel Solution in an effort to panic the user into parting with his money. This should simply not happen and users are urgently advised to accept all correspondence received from Windows Lowlevel Solution as highly suspect and untrustworthy.

Users who did not delete Windows Lowlevel Solution in time were presented with various distressing symptoms, which is befitting to any infection of this magnitude. Some of these symptoms include increased erratic system behavior, poor system performance and blocked Internet connections. Users also complained about being denied access to their Desktops. There is a way to restore access to the Desktop and reestablish your Internet connection. Follow these instructions carefully to achieve this:

  1. Restart the PC. Once the system boots up, you will see the Windows Lowlevel Solution startup screen blocking any access to your Desktop. Click the “OK” button to make it go away. This will initiate a fake system scan.
  2. After the scan is completed you will see another fake security notice. Click “OK” one more time.
  3. Now click on the red “X” at the right top of it to close the notification.
  4. This will make it disappear and you will be able to enjoy access to your Desktop again.

Do not become this rogue’s latest victim – destroy Windows Lowlevel Solution while there is still time. This can best be achieved through making use of a well known and trusted antispyware application which will not only erase Windows Lowlevel Solution from the system but also protect against similar future attacks.

In non techie terms:

Windows Lowlevel Solution is a bogus security tool only out to fleece you out of your money. Protect your PC and obliterate Windows Lowlevel Solution before it’s too late.

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