Windows Health Keeper Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Health Keeper is?

Windows Health Keeper is a fake computer security application that comes from the Rogue.VirusDoctor family. Previous versions of the same malicious threat include Windows No-Risk Center, Windows Risk Minimizer, Windows Managing System and many more. Windows Health Keeper surreptitiously enters your system with intention to rip you off, so you have to remove the rogue from your computer the moment you notice it acting up.

Since Windows Health Keeper tries to come across as a reliable antimalware program, once it is installed in your system, it fakes a number of multiple infections’ symptoms in order to persuade you that there are countless viruses in your system, and you must use Windows Health Keeper to remove them. The fake system scan reports such infections as Trojan.Win32.Agent, P2P-Worm.Win32, Trojan-Banker and so on. However, these infections are not real. They are as fake as the fake security notifications that pop up on your screen:

Keylogger activity detected. System information security is at risk.
It is recommended to activate protection and run a full system scan.

Warning! Identity theft attempt Detected
Hidden connection IP:
Target: Your passwords for sites

With these messages you might as well believe that there are multiple viruses in your computer that you must remove. Not to mention the fact that Windows Health Keeper also blocks your executables under a pretense that your programs are infected and they must be terminated in order to protect the rest of your system. Do Not Be Fooled! The only thing that needs to be terminated is Windows Health Keeper itself.

In order to achieve that it is best to “register” the rogue first. You can do that by clicking on the “Activate Ultimate Protection” button and entering this activation key:


The rogue will “calm down” and stop sending fake security notifications. Then, if you do not know how to delete it on your own, make use of a trustworthy antispyware program that will remove Windows Health Keeper automatically and you will no longer have to worry about dangerous rogues infecting your computer. Just don’t wait until it is too late to do anything about it.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Health Keeper is a computer threat categorized as rogue antispyware that will destroy your computer and swindle you out of your money if you do what you are told. Outsmart the rogue and erase Windows Health Keeper with a powerful security tool, so that your computer would be as good as new once again.

Aliases: WindowsHealthKeeper.