Windows Express Settings Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Express Settings is?

Developers of rogue antispyware applications such as Windows Express Settings are continually looking for ways to improve on the design and distribution of their rogues in order to remain competitive in an increasingly volatile environment. It’s for this reason that users might find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between rogueware and genuine security tools. Windows Express Settings emanates from the exact same family as publicly shamed and much hated rogues Windows System Optimizator and Windows Optimal Solution. This in itself is reason enough to destroy Windows Express Settings without a backward glance.

Windows Express Settings enters the system surreptitiously and without the knowledge of the user. Its infiltration into the system is nigh on impossible to detect and this makes it that much harder to identify and remove Windows Express Settings from the system. Making use of established forms of infection, Windows Express Settings is spread with the help of seditious Trojans which are distributed via browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners.

Users will remain largely unaware of the presence of Windows Express Settings on their systems until such time that the rogue deem it appropriate to start its attack on the system. This will happen when the rogue starts spamming the user with various falsely generated security messages informing the user that his system is under attack. All of these false security notifications are completely without merit and was only designed to panic the PC owner into thinking his system is under attack. Do not believe any correspondence received from Windows Express Settings, and accept it all as extremely suspect.

Users who did not delete Windows Express Settings in time complained about serious symptoms which follow any rogue infection of this magnitude. These symptoms include being denied access to the Desktop, as well as blocked Internet connections and the inability to run any executables on the system. This is done with the express intent of blocking the user from downloading or running a program which will detect and annihilate Windows Express Settings from the system. In order to circumvent these annoying symptoms, follow these instructions to regain access to your Desktop:

  1. Reboot your system. You will find the Windows Express Settings startup screen blocking access to your Desktop. Click the “OK” button to make it go away. The malware will start a fake system scan.
  2. Wait until the scan is done. Once the scan is finished you will see another fake security notice. Click “OK” one more time.
  3. Make the notification go away by clicking on the red “X” at the right top of it.
  4. It should now disappear and you will be able to access your desktop again.

You still need to get rid of Windows Express Settings in order to secure and restore your PC’s security and privacy. Do this by investing in a genuine security tool which will permanently erase Windows Express Settings and continue to offer adequate protection against similar future threats.

In non techie terms:

Windows Express Settings is a fake security tool only out to steal your money. This rogue cannot detect or remove any type of threat or infection, and will only do more harm than good. Eliminate Windows Express Settings from the system and take back what’s rightfully yours.

Aliases: WindowsExpressSettings, WindowsExpress Settings, Windows ExpressSettings.