Windows Enterprise Suite Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Enterprise Suite is?

Windows Enterprise Suite is yet another rogue anti-spyware application one needs to be aware of - and steer clear of. Created by the same group that distributes, propagates and sells the fake security programs: Volcano Security Suite and VolcanoSecuritySuite; Windows Enterprise Suite, as with each of these applications, tends to make use of malicious tactics to coerce unsuspecting computer users into purchasing its full version. This process is usually accomplished by the use of fake system scans that will always without fail return erroneous results and pop-up alert notifications - also tactics to attempt to warn computers of an imaginary parasite infection.

In non-techie terms:
Windows Enterprise Suite is unable to resolve any type of security related issue on a computer system. It is highly advisable to discontinue any use of Windows Enterprise Suite before further damage of essential system files occur.

Aliases: WindowsEnterpriseSuite, WindowsEnterprise Suite, Windows EnterpriseSuite