Windows Efficiency Kit Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Efficiency Kit is?

Windows Efficiency Kit is a malicious computer infection which can be installed onto the computer without your permission. The rogue anti-virus program can be distributed in a variety of ways. For example, you may find a suspicious link in a spam email or cause the installation of the malicious program while browsing insecure websites. If the system is not protected by a powerful spyware prevention tool, you will find that the system is infected only when it locks your access to the Internet and disables different executable files. The only goal of Windows Efficiency Kit is to make you think that the computer is infected and that you can solve the issue by registering the program. The truth is that Windows Efficiency Kit is a scam, and you should remove it from the computer once it makes the operating system inoperable.

If you think that the colors and icons typical of Microsoft programs make the program legitimate, you are seriously mistaken. Skillful cyber schemers want you to think that Windows Efficiency Kit is a legitimate program that can protect the operating system from various computer threats; however, it is identical to Windows Prime Accelerator, Windows Prime Shield, Windows Prime Booster and a great many rogue anti-virus programs, which belongs to the so-called Rogue.VirusDoctor family.
Windows Efficiency Kit Removal GuideWindows Efficiency Kit screenshot
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In order to make you register the program, not only does Windows Efficiency Kit disables access to the Internet but also generates annoying pop-ups, which provide you with misinformation about the condition of the system. If you are warned Windows Efficiency Kit has just detected some harmful file, ignore the security alert and take action to remove the rogue anti-virus program. None of the warnings that are generated by the fake anti-virus program can be trusted, and if you do want to shield the system from various computer infections, first remove Windows Efficiency Kit because it the major threat at the moment.

In order to disable pop-up warnings and access the Internet, register the program with one of the activation keys below:


Having activated the program, implement a powerful spyware removal tool. We recommend that you use SpyHunter because this anti-spyware tool can eliminate Windows Efficiency Kit and safeguard your privacy. The recommended program will protect you from other rogue programs, browser hijacker and other threats. Moreover, it can save your time by running automatic system scans, so the sooner you implement it, the sooner you can start browsing the Internet safely.

How to remove Windows Efficiency Kit

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. As soon as BIOS startup screen loads, start tapping F8.
  3. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter.
  4. Type in cd.. next to C:\Windows\system32\ and press Enter.
  5. Type C:\Windows\explorer.exe when another line appears and press Enter.
  6. Open the Start menu.
  7. On Windows XP, first launch the Run command; if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, use the search box in the Start menu. Type in %appdata% and hit Enter.
  8. Delete the file guard-{4 random symbols}.exe.
  9. Restart the computer.
  10. Open the Start menu and type regedit into the search box. On Windows XP, launch the Run command and then type in regedit.
  11. Press Enter.
  12. 12. Go to HKEY_CURRECT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon.
  13. Right-click on Shell and select Modify.
  14. To change Value Data, type in %WinDir%\Explorer.exe and click OK.
  15. Close the window and go to and download SpyHunter.
  16. Install the application and scan the computer.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Efficiency Kit is a malicious computer program which seeks to convince you that you need to active it. The price of the license varies from $49.95 to $99.9, which you could spend on a legitimate and powerful spyware prevention tool. Do not purchase the fake program because the schemers may use your personal information for various illegal activities. Remove Windows Efficiency Kit from the computer and make sure that the system is properly protected from various computer threats.

Aliases: WindowsEfficiencyKit Virus.