Windows Easy Warden Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Easy Warden is?

Windows Easy Warden is a dangerous computer threat and it is highly recommended that you keep your computer clean of it. This rogue antispyware is from the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam. There is a huge group of rogues that pretend to be legitimate Microsoft products and then tricks unsuspecting users into buying their worthless services. The users want to do is get rid of the viruses plaguing their computers, but the only thing they get rid of is their money.

Previous versions of this rogue include Windows Armour Master, Windows Necessary Firewall, Windows Proofness Guarantor and many others. Windows Easy Wardern does not differ from its forerunners at all. Perhaps, the only thing that is changed is the rogue’s name and the small icon at the top left corner of the rogue’s window. The rest is exactly the same. Even the infiltration methods used are identical to the previous ones.

Windows Easy Warden finds its way into your system via Trojan infection and then sends you a message saying that you have Unknown Win32/Trojan lurking in your system. Little by little the infection fools the user into downloading and installing Windows Easy Warden. Then the program performs certain changes in the registry which allows it to load simultaneously with your Windows. Subsequently, Windows Easy Warden pops up into your screen and starts a fake system scan, at the same time sending you a load of fake security notifications.

Everything is devised so that you would be forced to pay for the full version of this program. It makes it seem that Windows Easy Warden is the only program which can delete the viruses in your system. That is definitely not true, so do not even think about paying for this trash of a program. The criminals who have created this rogue will steal your money if you give away your credit card information. Prevent this from happening. Close the program right now and remove Windows Easy Warden from your system altogether.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Easy Warden is a fake security program. It pretends to be a legitimate computer’s safeguard application, because it wants to rip you off. At the same time it significantly slows down your computer. The only way out of this situation includes deleting Windows Easy Warden for good, so do no hesitate when it comes to protecting your computer and your money.

Aliases: WindowsEasyWarden.