Windows Debugging Agent Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Debugging Agent is?

It has become near to impossible to protect PCs against harmful threats such as Windows Debugging Agent without some type of help. Windows Debugging Agent is a fake and malicious rogue security tool only out to rip honest, hardworking consumers off. This rogue finds its roots in the same family of despicable rogues as Windows Firewall Unit and Windows Process Inspector, and forms part of the now infamous fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam. This evidence alone is enough to convince any PC owner to destroy Windows Debugging Agent the moment it is discovered.

Windows Debugging Agent will enter the system under suspicious circumstances, and will remain hidden until such time that it is ready to start its attack against the system. It will use any type of infection method at its disposal, including using bogus online malware scanners and seditious browser hijacking websites as a part of its online marketing campaign.

The first clue the user will have as to the presence of Windows Debugging Agent on the system will come from its falsely generated system scans. These scans will yield fake results and inform users that their systems are under attack from fake threats such as Backdoor.Win32.Rbot. As a further attack Windows Debugging Agent will spam the user with numerous fake security alerts, and will block his access to the Internet and cause increased erratic system behavior.

At the end of the day you will only be able to take back control of your system if you get rid of Windows Debugging Agent immediately. Use a genuine and powerful security application to facilitate the removal of this harmful rogue which will protect your PC against similar attacks in future.

In non techie terms:

Windows Debugging Agent is a fake security tool only out to rip you off and permanently damage your PC. Limit the damage this rogue will cause and obliterate Windows Debugging Agent without any further delay.

Aliases: WindowsDebuggingAgent.