Windows Crashes Deliverer Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Crashes Deliverer is?

One might think he had enough of rogues from the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam, but here comes Windows Crashes Deliverer, which is yet another addition to the every growing family of rogues, which already consists of Windows Necessary Firewall, Windows Risks Preventions, Windows Troubles Solver and many other fake security applications. Windows Crashes Deliverer cannot fulfill its promises of keeping your computer safe, but it can sure make your system crash, and you will be left wondering what on earth happened and how come you did not see it coming.

Windows Crashes Deliverer enters your system using various means of distribution. These days one of the most popular methods of delivery is spam. Whether it is spam email, spam comments or spam accounts following you on your blog. Spammers find a way to supply you with a link to website which hosts the rogue, or the Trojan which is associated with Windows Crashes Deliverer downloads automatically once you click on the link or open the site which was forwarded to you by the spam.

When this program is installed in your computer, it sends you a load of fake security notifications about various malware that are supposedly residing in your system. It also performs a fake system scan, which tells you that your overall system rating is too low to carry on, and you must remove the errors and viruses from your computer using Windows Crashes Deliverer. If you click on the “Fix Errors” button you will see the purchase window which requires you to fill in the blanks with your personal and banking information. Needless to say, that by clicking on the “Buy Now” button, you will be spending your money for nothing, at the same time providing cyber criminals with the access to your bank account.

So in the end you have a result of you being robbed and your computer system damaged so much you might not be able to operate it again. Every user would want to avoid something like that, and it is possible to do only if you remove Windows Crashes Deliverer from your computer as soon as you notice the infection. If you don’t know how to remove this rogue manually, invest in a reliable antimalware tool, which will terminate Windows Crashes Deliverer for you.

In non-techie terms:

Windows Crashes Deliverer is a rogue antispyware application which pretends to be a good security program. In reality it only steals your money and damages your computer, so you need to prevent this from happening by deleting Windows Crashes Deliverer before it manages to put its dirty hands on your bank account.

Aliases: WindowsCrashesDeliverer.