Windows Accelerator Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows Accelerator Pro is?

Windows Accelerator Pro is a fake antivirus program or rogue antispyware. It renders the application as computer malware, especially as it can seriously damage your system at the same time trying to rip you off. Although the rogue “borrows” its interface from Windows Explorer in order to look reliable, there is nothing real about Windows Accelerator Pro and unless you remove it, your computer will be in a serious trouble. Refer to the instructions below to restore Windows Explorer and delete Windows Accelerator Pro from your computer automatically.

Perhaps you have seen something like Windows Accelerator Pro already before. That would not be surprising, because the rogue is part of a huge group of fake antivirus programs including Windows Warding Module, Windows Activity Booster, Windows Efficiency Console and many more. This family of rogues is called either Rogue.VirusDoctor or FakeVimes. Either way, the Windows Windows Accelerator Pro is dangerous program and by no means should you ever believe in anything it has to say.
Windows Accelerator Pro Removal GuideWindows Accelerator Pro screenshot
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Once the rogue enters your computer, it launches a fake system scan, which is carried out in order to make an impression that your computer is seriously infected with all sorts of malware. Windows Accelerator Pro “detects” such infections as Trojan.Win32.Agent, Rootkit.Win32.KernelBot, Trojan.MSIL.Agent and many others. Needless to say, that Windows Accelerator Pro has no ability to detect malware, because it is a malicious infection itself.

What is more, support the “evidence” of malware infection displayed in the scan results by bombarding you with fake system notification messages, such as:

Trojan activity detected. System data security is at risk. It is recommended to activate protection and run a full system san.

Software without a digital signature detected. Your system files are at risk. We strongly advise you to activate your protection.

If that were not enough, Windows Accelerator Pro also blocks your .exe files (including your web browser), Windows Task Manager and even Windows Explorer. The application claims that it happens due to a variety of infections currently present in the system, but that is obviously not true. Windows Accelerator Pro affects your system in order to make you think that you really need to pay $79.95 for the license and that it will help your protect your PC from harm.

Unfortunately, by purchasing the full version of Windows Accelerator Pro you would only reveal your credit card information to a third party that would later on access your bank account illegally and steal your money. To prevent that, use the instructions below and remove Windows Accelerator Pro from your computer by acquiring a reliable antimalware tool.

How to remove Windows Accelerator Pro

  1. Reboot the computer and wait for BIOS screen disappear.
  2. Tap F8 key several times until Advanced Boot options menu appears.
  3. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and hit Enter.
  4. In Command Prompt, type cd.. nex to C:\Windows\system32. Press Enter.
  5. Type \explorer.exe next to C:\Windows line that appears. Press Enter.
  6. When Windows Explorer loads, open Start menu.
  7. Type %appdata% into the Search box and press Enter. For Windows XP, open Run and type %appdata%, and click OK.
  8. Delete the guard-{4 random symbols}.exe file from the directory.
  9. Reboot the PC in Normal mode.
  10. Open Start menu and type regedit into the Search box. Hit Enter. For Windows XP, launch Run and enter regedit. Click OK.
  11. 11. Go to HKEY_CURRECT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon.
  12. 12. On the right pane, right-click Shell and click Modify.
  13. 13. Enter %WinDir%\Explorer.exe for Value and click OK.
  14. 14. Access the Internet and download a reliable antimalware tool to remove Windows Accelerator Pro.

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In non-techie terms:

Windows Accelerator Pro is a dangerous computer infection that pretends to be a useful tool. However, it wants to steal your money and at the same time destroy your computer’s system. Remove Windows Accelerator Pro automatically with a licensed computer security application as soon as possible for prevent dire infection consequences.

Aliases: WindowsAcceleratorPro.