Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support is?

Fake web browser pop-up alerts are created from time to time, and the Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support is the latest one that has arouse a lot of inconvenience to many computer users . This browser scam appears in a new browser tab and reports an issue with excessive pop-ups. It is speculated that an adware program is running within the computer, and the user is advised to contact a specific certified technician which can supposedly solve the issue. The truth is that the very Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support may be the outcome of a maliciouss program running on the browser, so it is crucial to ignore the alert and remove the program displaying deceptive alerts.

The Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support may seem trustworthy as the scam window shows a fake online chat with some technician. Each scam case has its ID number, and the user of the affected computer is asked to call the phone number given. It has been found that there are three different phone numbers used by the schemers:

+1 (844) 624-2339

+1 (844) 624-2336

+1 (844) 624-2338

According to the alert, the user has to contact the technician to have some non-specified issues solved. It is likely that the call will be charged, and we are sure you would not like to pay a large phone bill for this hoax. If you ever come across a similar notification, you should make sure that the phone given will put you through to a legal institution or representative. To do so, you can always check up the phone number on the Internet.Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support Removal GuideWindows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support screenshot
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The attackers did their best to make the malicious program capable of identifying what Windows version is running on the computer. As a result, the alert displays the name of the version at the top of the window. So, If you use Windows 10, the alert says "Windows 10 Suport - Case ID".

Interestingly enough, some of the instances of the Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support features Apple's icon, which does not have any relation to Microsoft Windows operating systems. Instead of taking all the recommendations provided by the scam for granted, you should take action to find and remove the program that is to blame for this created chaos.

The Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support works only on the Google Chrome browser. It is difficult to specify how the malicious program gets onto your browsers as there are multiple malicious browser apps and ways of infiltration into the computer. For example, freeware sharing websites are one of the sources of malware. A setup file can contain several programs one of which may not be introduced by the installer at the beginning of installation. Hence, it is advisable to have a malware prevention program running on the computer so that malicious software programs are identified and blocked up. It is also worth ignoring spam emails, which sometimes may offer tempting deals or cooperation. Do not click on the links in emails and questionable website forums so that you do not launch malicious download unknowingly.

The Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support is an instance of scam loaded from, which may not be active the moment of reading this report. The practice when servers created to send fake pop-up alerts are soon shut down is common and well-known to malware researchers. A new variant of browser scam may be created in the near future, and if you want to avoid becoming its new victim, remove malicious programs browser extensions and shield the system against multiple types of malware and cyber attacks.

As the Windows 7 Support - Case ID Fake Tech Support is likely to be related to a browser extension, we provide you with a step-by-step removal guide which will help you get rid of an unwanted browser extension. But you should also bear in mind that the scam alert may signal that a more complex malicious program is running on the computer. In any case, we are here to answer your questions.

How to remove the Windows 7 - Case ID scam

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the More button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select More tools from the drop down button.
  4. Click Extensions and remove questionable extensions.

In-non techie terms:

Windows 7 Support - Case ID is the heading of browser scam that is aimed at deceiving Google Chrome users. The heading may differ depending on the operating system. The scam was designed to trick computer users into using the phone number given so that supposed system-related issues could be solved. Our team recommends ignoring this fake technical support alert and encourages you to remove the program associated to the scam.