Windows 7 Repair Removal Guide

Do you know what Windows 7 Repair is?

Windows 7 Repair can bring nothing but harm. When your computer is infected with this fake system optimization application you will see that it does not function properly. Although it might seem that this happens because of all the errors and infections Windows 7 Repair informs you about. You see, this rogue is very good at pretending to be legitimate software which is there to help you in times of trouble. However, there is the ugly side to this.

The rogue generates all these notifications and messages in order to urge you to purchase the full version of the program. Windows 7 Repair also performs certain modifications to your system, which also makes it seem as if you are being infected by a terrible virus which deletes your files. For example, if you open C:\Windows\System32\ directory or any other location in your hard drive, you most likely will not find the list of files which are supposed to be there. The directory might seem to be completely empty or you will see the files of another program or folder. In such case, the first thing to do is NOT to panic. Your files are still there, they are simply hidden by the rogue.

Not only does Windows 7 Repair play with your files and folders, it also performs a fake system scan finding various errors which supposedly need to be addressed immediately. It also sends you numerous fake security notifications. Everything is generated in order to push you into activating the Advanced Module of the program. That would require your first name, credit card number, expiration date, CVV 2 number and $84.50 for the Premium Unlimited Edition. Everything seems perfect if only it weren’t a scam. If you pay for this program, you will allow hackers to access your bank account and then you can consider your money as good as gone.

If you want to solve this problem at hand you need to remove Windows 7 Repair from your computer for good and make sure you don’t catch this infection ever again. Keep in mind that Windows 7 Repair gets distributed via Trojan infections, so you need to be extremely careful when you browse the Internet and encounter something unfamiliar or vaguely legitimate. One irresponsible click can lead to a dangerous rogue infection and permanently damaged computer. Therefore, make sure you protect your system against various malware attacks.

In non-techie terms:

Windows 7 Repair is a fake system optimization tool, which will steal your money and damage your computer if you do nothing about it. Invest in a reliable antimalware scanner which will intercept and erase Windows 7 Repair automatically for you, at the same time safeguarding your computer against future infections.

Aliases: Windows Vista Repair, Windows xp Repair.