WinDisk Removal Guide

Do you know what WinDisk is?

Despite the continued efforts of the online security industry, consumers continue to fall prey to the malevolent lies spread by the developers or rogue security and system optimizing tools, as in the case of WinDisk. WinDisk is the latest variant of rogue system optimizers such as WinHDD and Windows Disk and takes its onslaught on systems to another level. WinDisk comes across as a genuine and powerful system optimizer, but the truth is that it was designed and developed simply to rip people off. WinDisk cannot detect or fix any type of error on a system, and is a harmful infection in itself.

WinDisk infects the system with Trojans which are spread via fake online malware scanners and bundled security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites. Another extremely popular way for WinDisk to distribute its Trojans is by employing browser hijackers. These sneaky browser hijackers will forcefully hijack a user’s browser and redirect him to their compromised landing pages where they will employ various tactics to exploit the system’s known weaknesses.

Once the Trojan roots itself in the PC, the user will find it difficult to delete WinDisk without help. The first inclination that the PC owner will have about WinDisk on his system will be when he receives a barrage of fake security alerts from WinDisk. This forms part of WinDisk’s first attack on the system and users will be helpless to stop it until they remove WinDisk from the system completely.

There are various other disturbing symptoms associated with a WinDisk infection, which includes poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. WinDisk will also not allow the user to connect to the Internet or run programs on the system. This is in an effort to prevent the PC owner from running or downloading a security tool which could detect and erase WinDisk from the PC.

In order to avoid the crippling destruction WinDisk will bring to the system immediate action is required. Do not hesitate to annihilate WinDisk and do so straight away.

In non techie terms:

WinDisk is a fake defragmenter which enters your system suspiciously. It will not benefit your PC at all but instigate various crippling symptoms which will leave lasting damage. Protect your system and destroy WinDisk before it destroys your PC.

Aliases: Win Disk.