Win Antivirus Vista/XP Removal Guide

Do you know what Win Antivirus Vista/XP is?

Win Antivirus Vista/XP is a rogue anti-spyware program that pushes the Vista/XP name around to make people believe it is a trustworthy program that helps detect and remove parasites on Windows computers. Win Antivirus Vista/XP may easily deceive people just by the name alone but after looking at the program a little deeper it is obvious that it is a piece of junk. Win Antivirus Vista/XP does not detect spyware or any other type or malware on a computer. Win Antivirus Vista/XP is another run-of-the-mill fake anti-spyware program that uses illicit tactics to extort money from you.

In non-techie terms:
Win Antivirus Vista/XP, just like other popular rogue anti-spyware programs, may come from Trojan infections or websites that are designed to promote rogue applications. Purchasing Win Antivirus Vista/XP will not alleviate the many popups or system messages that annoy the crap out of you. You must know that you will ultimately waste your money if you ever purchase Win Antivirus Vista/XP or any other similar fake anti-spyware program. Win Antivirus Vista/XP should never be purchased under any circumstances.

Aliases: Win Antivirus Vista/XP, WinAntivirus Vista/XP, Win AntivirusVista/XP, WinAntivirusVista/XP.