Win Antivir 2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what Win Antivir 2008 is?

Win Antivir 2008 is nothing more than the same rogue anti-spyware program as Win Antivirus 2008. Win Antivir 2008 has the same interface and displays some of the same popup alerts as Win Antivirus 2008. Even though Win Antivir 2008 has two letters knocked off of it's name from it's twin, it does not mean it is less dangerous. You must still remove Win Antivir 2008 once you find that it is on your system.

In non-techie terms: Win Antivir 2008 is known to come from a Trojan infection such as Zlob or directly from the website. With that said, you should always avoid visiting Win Antivir 2008 uses common windows colors to make you feel "at home" if you happen to take a chance on using this worthless program. Do not ever download, install or purchase Win Antivir 2008 under any circumstances.

Win Antivir 2008 screen shot image:

  • Tim

    I found the antivirus 2008 files in the
    programs\rhc3faj0erd1 directory and deleted them manually.. then I removed references to them in the registry.

    It was trying to hide by naming itself: rhc3faj0erd1

    Only AVG Free caught a couple more infections brought on by this beast.. 10 other scans did not.