Win 7 Guard Removal Guide

Do you know what Win 7 Guard is?

No matter how hard Win 7 Guard tries to convince you that it is real do not believe it. When it comes to Win 7 Guard it is a serious computer threat which will present you with all types of computer symptoms. Win 7 Guard may present you with a false system scan, false system scan report results as well false computer security notifications. If you see very scary warning messages, which tells you that your computer system is infected with all types of dangerous threats, do not panic because this is exactly what the makers of Win 7 Guard want. They want you to panic and then proceed to purchase the full version they offer which they claim will fix your computer problems. Win 7 Guard is the computer problem itself and needs to be removed from your computer system immediately upon the slightest hint of detection.

In non techie terms:

Win 7 Guard is going to try and trick you into believing that your computer system is infected and that the only way to rid your PC of Win 7 Guard is to buy the full version. Do not be fooled at any point as Win 7 Guard is a rogue antispyware application which has been designed in order to try and scare you so that you will part with your hard earned money.

Aliases: Win7Guard, Win7 Guard, Win 7Guard.