Will Windows XP Become Vulnerable to More Attacks After Microsoft Pulls the Plug?

No more service packs, no more security patches, no more critical updates, you are officially SOL if you choose to run Windows XP in the near future. Is this what we are facing if we choose not to upgrade to Windows Vista once Microsoft no longer offers free mainstream support for Windows XP?

Microsoft is rolling out the last service pack update for Windows XP, Service Pack 3 (SP3). Many of us know about the upcoming date (April 2009) next year where Microsoft will no longer provide mainstream support for Windows XP. This will affect thousands of computer users worldwide leaving them with a bitter taste in their mouth. We know how often updates are pushed out to solve a security issue or patch a discovered vulnerability in Windows XP. We can't think that Windows XP will never be attacked again, that would be very naive of us. Realizing that Windows XP will be attacked without a fix in reach is the harsh reality that some of us will face very soon.

Can't we pay for updates or help from Microsoft after the cut-off date?

If we opt for extended or paid support from Microsoft we will be able to get free security fixes but we will be required to pay extra for other help. Once Microsoft ceases mainstream support for XP it will only be a matter of time before more security holes are discovered within XP. Unfortunately Microsoft will not be able to save us from being attacked for free this time. We will be required to dig deep into our gas money stash if we want something "fixed" in Windows XP.

With this said, do you prepare to upgrade to Vista now or just wait it out like other procrastinators? Do you wait for Windows 7 to come out (year 2010) and hopefully that will be your savior? Will you keep Windows XP until it crashes just like people keep cars until the wheels fall off? It is your choice, choose your poison wisely.

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