Will Microsoft's Free Morro Antivirus Benefit Computer Users?

Consumers and security experts want to know if Morro will benefit PC users in detection and removal of viruses.

If you read our previous post about a free PC security product from Microsoft being announced then you may be anxious to find out what it has to offer for you. Morro antivirus is the new product that will be available free of charge to computer users who want to utilize a free alternative for antivirus protection.

What is Morro?

Morro, the Microsoft code name given to this software, will be offered as a free stand-alone antivirus product. As the time for this product to be released many security researchers and experts question the true motives of Microsoft in releasing such a product. What will this do to other rivals in the antivirus software industry such as McAfee or Symantec? Ultimately Morro is Microsoft's replacement for OneCare which is a current security product offered by Microsoft which costs around $49 which may have been one of the cheapest security suites on the market. Some believe the induction of Morro is a result of poor market share. In Microsoft's defense you could argue that they have had a fair share of getting hit with parasite infections, discovered vulnerabilities and an onslaught of various malware. Maybe this will make Morro a better product? Maybe not?

Morro may not be used as a tool to combat other issues for Microsoft except antivirus issues. Attempts to curb counterfeit software by Microsoft have failed in the past and a new free security tool is not expected to assist in this realm. Offering a free tool such as this would not draw the expectation of being able to be the cure-all solution.

During the downturn in the economic structure of the US and other countries a free tool such as Morro is not such a bad idea if you are attempting to cut costs. With a free tool you do not have to provide robust support which may be one reason for the discontinuation of OneCare. The support may be just too much monetary and from a public relations point of view.

Just how effective will Morro be at combating infections?

Other free products offered by many security vendors succeed and at the same time fail at detection and removal of many parasites. It is basically the support factor of the antivirus engine that may make or break Morro. Like we said earlier, Microsoft has had experience with infections and other "issues" and hopefully they will learn from them so they may implement their findings in one of the most anticipated free antivirus products.

Do you think Morro will benefit you or fulfill your antivirus needs?

Do you think you will have to spend money on another product to get the protection that you need?