WebHancer or WebHancer.com Removal Guide

Do you know what WebHancer is?

WebHancer is a website that provides performance analysis through a means of gathering web traffic stats. WebHancer and the WebHancer.com website mask as a legitimate service but in reality is a spyware site offering rogue anti-spyware software. If a user downloads the software offered by WebHancer.com it may gather your personal information and send it to hackers. WebHancer is a dirty spyware tactic and it is best to avoid the WebHancer.com website at all costs.

In non-techie terms: WebHancer or WebHancer.com was created by hackers to use devious ways to trick users into purchasing their dirty software. WebHancer or WebHancer.com may prompt users to download rogue anti-spyware software. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase any software related to WebHancer or WebHancer.com.

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