Vista Internet Security 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what Vista Internet Security 2012 is?

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between genuine security tools and rubbish rogue applications such as Vista Internet Security 2012. This is because its developers are investing more and more time and sophistication into their tools. As in the case of Vista Internet Security 2012, this application has the ability to adapt its name to its surroundings. This means that should the user be running Windows 7 or XP, the rogue will change its name accordingly.

Vista Internet Security 2012 will use any means at its disposal to facilitate its surreptitious entry into the system. It makes use of various established forms of infection, including using bogus online malware scanners and rubbish browser hijackers. This all forms a part of Vista Internet Security 2012’s online marketing campaign.

The rogue will edit registry entries which will guarantee that it launches each time Windows runs. It will initiate a fake system scan which will inform the user wrongly that his system is under attack. It will then proceed to spam the user with various incessant pop up messages which acts as fake security warnings informing the user that severe threats are crippling his system.

Other reported symptoms associated with this rogue include blocked Internet connections and the inability to launch applications on the infected PC. Users also reported increased erratic system behavior and poor system performance.

When all is said and done, this rogue is harmful and will cause more damage than good. In order to regain control of your PC obliterate Vista Internet Security 2012 immediately using a reliable and powerful security tool.

In non techie terms:

Vista Internet Security 2012 is a fake security tool only out to rip you off. Take back what is rightfully yours and destroy Vista Internet Security 2012 before it’s too late.

Aliases: Vista Internet Security.