Vista Antivirus 2010 Removal Guide

Do you know what Vista Antivirus 2010 is?

Vista Antivirus 2010 is a counterfeit anti-spyware program that is designed to slip into a computer through a Trojan or backdoor to only mislead unsuspecting computers into purchasing a full version of Vista Antivirus 2010. Vista Antivirus 2010, after installed, is able to display many deceiving messages and initiate system scans that return fake results.

In non-techie terms:
Vista Antivirus 2010 can be compared to other rogue anti-spyware programs such as Antivirus 2009 and XP Antivirus in the way it uses countless tactics for the purpose of extorting money from you. Vista Antivirus 2010 is not an effective program for the detection and removal of spyware parasites. Vista Antivirus 2010 should never be purchased or used under any circumstances.

Aliases: Vista Antivirus 2010, VistaAntivirus 2010, VistaAntivirus2010.