VirusRemover2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what VirusRemover2008 is?

VirusRemover2008 is phony anti-spyware software designed to extort money from computer users who make the mistake of purchasing the full VirusRemover2008 program. It is a very big mistake if you even download and install VirusRemover2008 because you run the risk of damaging your computer.

VirusRemover2008 or Virus Remover 2008, has nothing to do with removing parasites from your computer. VirusRemover2008 is all about taking your money in return for a useless program that may cause havoc on your system. VirusRemover2008 may be installed without your permission through a Trojan infection.

In non-techie terms: Ultimately, VirusRemover2008 tries its best to convince you that you need the full version of VirusRemover2008 to remove parasites that it found on your computer. Do not believe that BS. VirusRemover2008 is worthless and a complete waste of your time. VirusRemover2008 should be called VirusCREATOR2008 because it is on the verge of being a bothersome virus. VirusRemover2008 is also known to come directly from which is a malicious website that should always be avoided.

Have you experienced any programs such as VirusRemover2008 being installed on your computer without your permission? Tell us your story and how you got rid of it.

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  • paula

    You rock, thanks so much!! It's almost 3 am and I couldn't sleep. I just wanted to cruise the net for awhile to get myself tired. My husband left an Explorer window open (I like Foxfire) and BAM! this crazy program comes on and scares the you know what out of me.

    The creepy thing is that when I Googled sites to check this program out, they were all blocked, it knew what I was doing! It certainly didn't want me to turn off my computer (I think it knew I cut and pasted your advice for non-technies!!)

    Anyway, thanks a bunch! I'm sure they scam a ton of people, it does look so official. Your directions were very clear and awesome!!!