VirusHeat Removal Guide

Do you know what VirusHeat is?

VirusHeat is a rogue anti-spyware program fresh out of the market of popular rogue anti-spyware programs on the Web. VirusHeat is sure to "heat" up your computer with misleading spyware results, browser hijacks, redirects to unreliable websites and further exposure to other malware threats.

VirusHeat is another version of Virusprotect and VirProtect programs that installs through a Trojan called Zlob. Zlob infects a user's system through the download of fake audio and video codecs usually found on porn websites.

VirusHeat is designed to display system warning messages stating that your system has detected a number of active spyware applications. VirusHeat offers users to purchase a full version of the program to remove the detected spyware infections. VirusHeat only reports exaggerated scan results to push the user to pull out his/her credit number and spend money on a product that doesn't promise what it alleges to deliver.

In non-techie terms: Spyware parasites are updated often with different names and versions. In the case of VirusHeat it is a variant of VirProtect, Virusprotect, VirusProtect Pro and VirusProtect 3.8. usually this group of infections originate from an actual Trojan such as Zlob.Trojan. It is always a good practice to verify the correct spelling version of any download program.

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  • will

    gee. thx. since this is so new, my security tools wouldn't remove virusheat. but smitfraudfix got rid of this trash.

  • Vicente


    I downloaded the SmithfraudFix tool and now this stupid wuuawkz.dll is clean now.


  • Anthony

    It is actually better to install the software you are pretty sure in. Especially if we are talking about security software. Personally I have never heard about Virus Heat as about anti-spyware, but have heard about such kind of programs it factially is(i.e. those that pretend being anti-viruses while being viruses...) For protection I recommend using these:
    Firewall : Zone Alarm Pro(

    Anti-Keylogger: Privacy Keyboard(

    Anti-Virus: Norton Anti-Virus 2008(

    Anti-Spyware: Spy Catcher(

    It took me a plenty of time to find the software that will be compatible with each other, will have a good reputation and will work perfectly. Haven't got any problems with my PC after their installation.

  • Barry

    Looks like it worked and removed it, Thanks A Lot

  • Clarky

    Great post Wild Stallion.
    I just spent 4 hours fixing my girlfriends computer after she tried downloading porn!
    And I though I would be the culprit.. ;o)

  • Randomguy

    I LOVE YOu! lol

  • FenrirWolf

    Thanks. Was VERY frustrated as neither Spybot or my Avast antivirus could fix it (yet). Did it the manual way and it worked like a charm. Thanks again

  • Dennis

    Thanks so much for the removal tool. I used the VirusHeat Automatic Removal Instructions and it worked like a charm. That VirusHeat is a nasty one!

  • Nevin

    This got rid of the virus, but the Zlob trojan horse remains. Any ideas?

  • Grant

    To be honest, I didn't think it was going to work. But it did. (I used the "automatic" method). Thanks a million! Now if only we could track down the cretins behind this scam and figure out an appropriate punishment ...

  • anonymous

    great. yet again the smitfraudfix program works.


  • http://google DJ

    The SmitFraudFix worked perfcet. Just started in safemode, clicked the icon and chose 2. Everything went fast, and didnt need any further steps. Back to the tunes! Thank you.

  • Scott Andrew hutchins

    I went through the non-techie procedure 5 times. I still have Virusheat harassing me from the taskbar, the Virusheat Security Toolbar 7.1, and keeps replacing as my home page.

    I redownloaded SmitFraidFix several times to make sure I had the updated version, but still no success. I couldn't find a local settings folder in my Documents and Settings folder, but aside form that, I did everything more than once. I removed the file with add and remove programs, found it still in the program files folder, deleted it there, deeleted all the temp files. Nothing seems to be working. I don't want to pay SpyHunter to remove the junk because Wikipedia says SpyHunter gets very poor reviews.

    Any auggestions?

  • AJM

    Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get rid of this sneaky little bugger, had me worried when Spybot found it, but stopped responding before fixing it, thanks again, if you weren't more than likely a guy, I could kiss you :P Cheers!!

  • Leon

    Even voor de nederlandstalige onder ons. Dit werkt! Gewoon de automatische werkwijze volgen.

    It works great, thanks from the Netherlands.

  • gregg

    Smitfraudfix is awesome, no messing, and sooooooo easy! forget everything else! use this!!!!

  • greko

    nice tool, thank;s alot.all mya antispyware didn't do,SmitFraudFix did!

  • Peter

    Wow man i just got this virus today.. I was getting scared. I got to the point where it kept shutting down, restarting etc. but after a few tries of the software i downloaded, it eventually worked. Thanks a bunch man. If more people / friends / family get the same thing i'll send them to here. Aswell as it being very good information, it was easy to follow!

    Thanks again.

  • Guy

    I could not believe that I fell for the Virus Heat virus. What a pain. Haven't seen this type of virus in a long time.

    I tried the manual method of removal without luck. Out of desperation I download the smitfraudfix program although I was not sure if it wasn't more spyware or not. Anyways, I had nothing to lose.

    It worked. Thank you. I should have used the program at the start of my problem.

  • Dr. May

    SmitFraudFix worked in removing the VirusHeat, but my system keeps crashing/ rebooting every 4 to 6 minutes. Spyware Shield scan alleged that I had 6 trojans and 10 hotkeys hammering my systems. I got all of these treats
    from a yahoo/ google search. Will try the recommended to see if this helps any. The Internet is full of everyone recommending one spyware remover over the other brands. Confusing for me.
    Thanks DocMay

  • Craig

    Smitfraudfix kicks ass, sorted out my problems twice :-)

  • dubi

    your automatic removal worked perfectly !
    you saved me !
    thank a lot

  • Heather

    i wasn't very sure about this because other sites that i went to were just giant hypocrites about removing virus heat. but it worked out great. took a while to figure out, but still great.


  • Jay kay

    This really works great, thanks buddy

  • Madeleine

    Thank you soooo much! this is the first thing that has actually got rid of this virusheat rubbish! thank you thank you thank you!

  • Super daman


    This anti-spyware program really works. I wonder why my old and trustworthy utilities never really catch zlob spywares!

  • ben

    Worked like a treat ty

  • Madhukar

    Great saved me a bunch of time and frustration man! thanks for providing the information and thanks to guy who wrote smitfraudfix program. I removed the spyware from virusheat using the non manual process - again saved time!

  • Jane

    Thank you SO much. I'm not sure how virus heat got on my computer but this fixed the problem!

  • Cam

    I think I did something wrong. I did steps 1 thru 5. When I rebooted the computer I did it in regular (not safe) mode. When I clicked on SmitFraud it went back to the first page. What did I do wrong? Was I supposed to reboot it with that pop up I got about putting it in regular mode?

  • Rick

    worked for me, my son got this crap from youtube...don't have it anymore

  • Mike

    VERY Cool!
    Used the Automatic Removal option, restarted in Safe Mode,
    worked like a charm!
    You ROCK.
    Much, much thanks!

  • Sum

    Excellent solution. I wasn't sure how reliable this site or solution was. But after reading all the reviews, thought it was worth a gamble - it paid off. Definitely works. I did it through the SmithFraud way as well..

  • Hondrod SL

    That Smitfraudfix is well wicked blaad.

  • Peter

    Thank you...your automatic removal software worked perfectly and removed virusheat. Other commercial spyware tools didn't seem to do anything!!

  • xavier

    this method actually worked. where nearly every anti spyware program i used failed after several tries this method worked so quickly that stupid icon on my system tray is gone finally. thanks for sharing this method