VirusGarde Removal Guide

Do you know what VirusGarde is?

VirusGarde is a new malicious anti-spyware program that attempts to scam French speaking internet users. VirusGarde is installed through a Trojan that finds it's way in through a web browser security hole. VirusGarde attempts to scan your system displaying false scan results tricking users into beliving that they are infected with other parasites. VirusGarde is nothing more than a complete scam designed to trick computer users out of their hard earned money.

VirusGarde may slow the performance of your computer drasticly leaving you without full control of your system. VirusGarde is very difficult to remove from your system and every known precaution must be taken.

In non-techie terms: VirusGarde and the website were created by hackers for the purpose of extorting money from internet users. The website targets the French community with the pages written in French. VirusGarde and must be avoided at all costs. Do not under any circumstances purchase or download the VirusGarde program.

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