Virus Melts Removal Guide

Do you know what Virus Melts is?

Virus Melts was found to be yet another fake anti-spyware program that uses many deceptive and misleading alerts to force you into purchasing Virus Melts. Virus Melts may be advertised on a malicious website or through a Trojan infection as a program that is designed to detect and remove computer parasites. That is totally bogus information. Virus Melts will not remove a thing other than the money from your pocket if you ever purchase the Virus Melts program.

Virus Melts, once installed, will perform system scans that come back with bogus results. Virus Melts is a scam and cannot be trusted in any situation. All of the infections that Virus Melts supposedly detects are fake. Virus Melts may be a newer version of another rogue anti-spyware program called Virus Melt.

In non-techie terms:
Virus Melts and the older Virus Melt rogue anti-spyware program is nothing more than a scamming application. Virus Melts should be removed the moment that it is found on your computer. Do not ever download, install or purchase Virus Melts under any circumstances.

Aliases: Virus Melts, VirusMelts, Virus Melt.