VirtuMonde Removal Guide

Do you know what VirtuMonde is?

VirtuMonde (also referred to as Vundo, Vundo Trojan and VirtuMundo) is a spyware program that creates a Dynamic Link Library, which is reported to record your keystrokes and randomly displays advertisements. By doing this, it stays memory resident, checking if VirtuMonde is being ran, if not, it launches it again. Additionally, it harvests users' information about their connection, pages viewed and applications installed. VirtuMonde also writes cookies to track browsing behavior and may visit various Internet sites.

VirtuMonde also downloads other software from various remote servers with or without your knowledge and consent.

While having the VirtuMonde you will notice a slight or large amount of memory being used randomly throughout the day. VirtuMonde will make false pop-ups appear informing you that the system is infected and that your performance is deteriorating. In order to solve this, you are supposed to download the program.

In some cases VirtuMonde has altered Administrative rights of machine Owners, and prevented them from downloading effective anti-spyware programs.

Non-Techie terms: Spyware makers create programs like VirtuMonde to extort money from you. VirtuMonde does not detect spyware. VirtuMonde is the spyware you should avoid and not give out any personal information.