Valentine's Day Themed Spam Leading Users to New Variant of Waledac Worm

Cybercriminals thrive on holidays and popular world events to spam computer users in hopes of spreading malware.

Valentine's Day is no exception for cybercriminals scamming you through spam messages or malicious website links. This Valentine's Day a new variant of the infamous Waledac Worm infection is being spread through links within a Valentine's Day themed message.

Embedded within this particular spam Valentine's Day message is a message offering an eCard that asks that you visit a website to view it. The embedded link does redirect you to a Valentine's Day themed site but it is a malicious site. The page usually suggests that you obtain a Valentine Devkit so that you may design or create your own Valentines Card for your "sweetheart". Of course the link downloads a new variant of the Waledac Worm.

Waledac Worm may be known as Win32/Waledac virus and in its new variant form it is known to spread through fake eCard downloads such as in the current Valentine's Day spam message. Below is an example of the Valentine's Day spam message that may be circulating currently.

Example of Waledac Worm spam message:

Malicious Valentine's Day Waledac worm web page example:


It is very important to pay special attention to any message that is remotely related or resembles the above message. It is best to delete message from senders that you are not sure of or have no idea who it is. If your secret admirer wants to get your attention that bad then he or she would do something more than just send you an email message so do not assume it is a new-found secret admirer's email message. It is better to be safe than sorry even if it means not responding to a special Valentine via email.