Unlimited Defender Removal Guide

Do you know what Unlimited Defender is?

Unlimited Defender is a malicious application that is trying to settle in your computer under the pretense that it can provide you with the best system safeguard you could ever imagine. Needless to say, that the first impression is absolutely misleading and this program here is a dangerous rogue that will steal your money and damage your computer if you do not take this infection seriously. Therefore it is important that you find out more about Unlimited Defender before this infection gets the hold of your computer and your hard-earned money.

This rogue is very similar to those which have emerged before under the names of PC Optimizer Pro, BlueFlare Antivirus and even Vista Home Security 2012. These rogues share similar interfaces and they all copy the design of legitimate Microsoft products. That is done in order to fool the inexperienced computer users into believing that Unlimited Defender is a reliable program, which has the same origins as the default security measures installed in their computers. That is not true. What is more, in some cases you might come across a rogue called Defender Unlimited. Then remember that it is the same thing as Unlimited Defender, and the implications of the infection are totally identical.

Whichever version of this rogue might arrive at your doorstep, they all use the same medium – the Internet. Usually Unlimited Defender is promoted as a great antivirus program, and cyber criminals offer you to download the trial version to see how the program words for yourself. However, once Unlimited Defender is installed in your system, the program will urge you to purchase the license, because it “detects” undesirable activity in your computer and promises to delete the threats only if you buy the full version of Unlimited Defender.

It is blatantly obvious that the rogue cannot live up to its promises, and it will only damage and slow down your computer, blaming everything on the non-existent threats. Your only way out of this situation involves removing Unlimited Defender for good. You can do it manually, but if you do not possess extensive knowledge in computers, it is better to terminate the rogue automatically with a reliable antispyware program. Do not hesitate to invest in good software, when your computer’s safety is concerned.

In non-techie terms:

Unlimited Defender is a fake antivirus program which enters your system with intention to rip you off and leave your computer inoperable. If you leave this infection untreated, it will mark the end of your system. Erase Unlimited Defender with a reliable antispyware tool and secure your computer against other possible attacks.

Aliases: Defender Unlimited.