Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam Removal Guide

Do you know what Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam is?

If you see an alert claiming that an unknown system failure has occurred, it means that you have been exposed to Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam and your system is fine. This error is a fake pop-up alert which can tell nothing about the condition of your computer. We understand that its presence might be quite disturbing if you see it for the first time and find it hard to close it, but you should trust us when we say that it is fabricated and should be completely ignored. According to our experienced specialists, it is very likely that the main goal of Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam is to promote a toll-free telephone number and scare users into dialing it. Needless to say, there is no point in doing that because this “unknown system failure” does not exist, and, consequently, you do not need any help from technicians. You can close Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam yourself too, so do not dial the number the fake pop-up alert you see contains.

Technical support scams are usually created by disreputable companies/cyber criminals in order to promote certain telephone numbers belonging to the “technical support.” Their authors are well aware of the fact that users do not go to dial all the numbers they see on their screens, so they create fake alerts to convince users that serious errors have occurred and experienced specialists can help them to fix them. Needless to say, it is a very bad idea to make a call because a promoted telephone number might be a premium-rate number although it is usually promoted as a toll-free one. Also, cyber criminals might pick up the phone and then offer you to purchase useless programs, try to extract personal details from you, or try to get remote access to your computer, which, in the worst-case scenario, might result in the loss of important data and even the installation of untrustworthy software. To avoid all those problems, ignore the fake pop-up alert you see and go to close it. This can be done by closing the web browser. If it is impossible to close Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam normally, i.e. by clicking X in the top-right corner of your web browser, go to open the Task Manager and kill the process, e.g. iexplore.exe, chrome.exe, or firefox.exe belonging to the browser you use.

Users are usually exposed to Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam after they are redirected to a domain containing this fake alert from an untrustworthy website. In such a case, they should not see this fake alert again if they close their web browsers and make sure they do not open recently viewed web pages. If it happens that the fake pop-up keeps appearing on your screen periodically, you should go to look for suspicious applications installed on your computer. In some cases, advertising-supported applications (adware) are responsible for displaying these fake alerts. In such a case, you will eliminate these fake pop-ups only by finding and fully deleting an untrustworthy program from your computer. Since it might have any name, we cannot promise that it will be easy to detect and erase this program. Of course, it will be considerably easier to do that if you use an automatic malware remover.

You should be able to get rid of Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam by closing your web browser. Do this by clicking X at the top of your web browser or go to kill its process in the Task Manager. Users usually find killing processes hard, so we have prepared instructions – find them below this article.

Delete Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously.
  2. Open the Processes tab.
  3. Find the process of the web browser you use (e.g. Internet Explorer – iexplore.exe, Mozilla Firefox – firefox.exe, Google Chrome – chrome.exe).
  4. Right-click on it and select End Process.
  5. Close the Task Manager.

In non-techie terms:

If you suspect that you see Unknown System Failure Tech Support Scam because there is an untrustworthy program installed on your computer, go to perform a system scan with an automatic malware remover – it is the easiest way to find and erase untrustworthy software from the system. Instructions you find below will help you to download reputable antimalware software and then delete active threats automatically from your computer.