Unit09 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Unit09 Ransomware is?

It is suspicious how humble the attackers behind Unit09 Ransomware are because all that they ask is $10. This is the sum of the ransom that the attackers want you to pay if you want to have your personal files recovered. The infection makes this demand after it successfully invades the Windows operating system and corrupts files. Also known as the MewWare Ransomware, this infection appears to be quite tame, but that is not the case at all. In fact, the files allegedly encrypted by this threat are wiped, and there is no possible way of recovering them. If files were encrypted, it would still be technically possible to decrypt them. However, the infection overwrites the files with random bytes. So, although the infection does not delete your files, it basically destroys them, and if you have faced this malware, know that the only thing you should do is remove Unit09 Ransomware.

Unit09 Ransomware is named after the extension that this malware adds to the files it destroys. The “.UNIT09” extension might be added to personal photos, documents, music and video files, archives, etc. That is exactly how a regular file-encrypting ransomware would act. A few examples of that are InducVirus Ransomware, Gorgon Ransomware, Project57 Ransomware, and Venom Ransomware. Just like most other threats of this kind, Unit09 Ransomware also creates a ransom note (“$!READ ME.txt”), and the message demands a ransom of $10 (let’s assume that is USD) to be transferred to 1P9NNpNtbhsKaxr2oGkSaqUQb1kB4trS5U Bitcoin wallet in Bitcoins. That is a popular cryptocurrency, and, at the time of research, 10 USD converted to around 0.003 Bitcoin. The wallet is currently empty.

Dear [name], Thanks for being a part of UNIT-109
But sadly its time to go. Send $10 in BTC to 1P9NNpNtbhsKaxr2oGkSaqUQb1kB4trS5U
Your files will be unrecoverable after 72 hours. Be quick ;)

While we know that most attackers behind file-encrypting threats are misleading, we know for a fact that the attackers behind Unit09 Ransomware are lying. They could not decrypt files even if they wanted to! Nonetheless, the “$!READ ME.txt” file is created in every affected folder, and more gullible victims could be scammed. If you paid the ransom – even though it is small – nothing would change, so we suggest that you waste no money at all. Needless to say, you want to initiate the removal of the threat as soon as you realize that. While you can start by deleting Unit09 Ransomware ransom note files (all copies included), we suggest that you focus on the malicious launcher first.Unit09 Ransomware Removal GuideUnit09 Ransomware screenshot
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According to our research, the launcher of Unit09 Ransomware could be named “MewWare.exe,” but make no mistake thinking that other names could not be created. Also, it is possible that the infection could delete itself automatically after successful execution. Without a doubt, you want to make sure that no malicious files are left behind. If you are not capable of assessing the situation and removing Unit09 Ransomware yourself, leave the job to trusted anti-malware software. We also suggest installing it because it can protect your operating system against malware attacks in the future. If you want to keep your personal files from harm’s way, you need anti-malware software, and you also need to use backups. Back up all important files to ensure that backup copies exist in case something bad happens to the original copies.

Remove Unit09 Ransomware

  1. Delete the malicious launcher file if it did not delete itself.
  2. Delete all copies of the $!READ ME.txt ransom note file.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin and then run a system scan using a reputable malware scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Unit09 Ransomware is a disgusting infection that not only destroys files but also tricks victims into giving their money to the attackers. Without a doubt, we must not forget about virtual security when talking about the removal of the threat because you need to enhance your system’s security to prevent malware from attacking you again. The good news is that you can delete Unit09 Ransomware and secure your system all at once by employing the right anti-malware software. If you do not want to invest in anything at the moment, remind yourself to be very careful. Any download, any file, any ad, any pop-up, and any link could hide malware. Also, to prevent malware from affecting, destroying, or deleting your files in the future, make sure you back them up.