Unbelievable Site ObamaStimulusProgram.com Is a Scam

Now that the 44th President of the USA has taken office we start to see new Phishing scams arise that take advantage of new policies or programs.

What is the ObamaStimulusProgram.com web site? ObamaStimulusProgram.com is nothing more than a phishing web site that may appear to be a site that is suppose to educate you on Obama's new stimulus plan and how you are able to obtain free government grants. Sure, this site does that for you. All you have to do is pay $2.95 and then they will ever-so-kindly bill you an additional $89 a month.

Looking at the home page for ObamaStimulusProgram.com it appears to be a legitimate site that offers information on President Obama's stimulus plan and government grants while it even includes a CNN logo. If you start to look a little deeper it will ask that you provide some personal information including your income, age and even your credit card numbers so they may send you more information for a small charge of $2.95 which is the shipping and handling fee. That's not the big kicker yet. You must read the fine print, the terms for ObamaStimulusProgram.com reads:

Upon submitting a request for a Grant Kit, a Member ID and Password are assigned to you and can be used to gain access to Lead Source Services Grant website. The initial shipping & handling charge of $3.95 includes the Lead Source Services Grant tool Kit as well as ten (10) days worth of access to the online directories and training. After 10 days, you will automatically be billed the $89.61 recurring monthly fee for the Lead Source Services Grant membership.
From those terms it is obvious that they will be getting away with your money, about $90 of it every month.

We fear that other sites may be lingering around over the internet that uses the same type of dirty tactics for self monetary gain. It is important to always utilize a phishing filter and good common sense when surfing the internet. It may also be helpful to only visit trust sources and do thorough research before ever providing personal information on a site that you are the lest big unsure about.